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Saturday, January 30, 2010

GALLERY U is a collection of Contemporary Artspaces.  We have locations in Westfield, NJ,  Royal Oak, MI and Bethlehem, PA.

The gallery is operated by people with traumatic brain injuries as part of their recovery and transition back into the community. Some of the artwork is created by people with disabilities as well as emerging artists from all around the world.

The PRIMARY goal of the Gallery is to provide a place for people with traumatic brain injuries a place to work on a daily basis in order to generate an income, build their self esteem and participate in vocational training.  This is our number one goal!  All Gallery sale profits goes towards the gallery rent, the client's pay and to purchase art supplies for artists with disabilities.

You can read all about UNIVERSAL INSTITUTE REHAB our parent company at WWW.UIREHAB.COM

What this means to you as an artist:  There are aprox. five people working 6 days a week on promoting the gallery, sending out press releases, emails and info all over the world to organizations, other galleries, curators, collectors, art publications etc.  No other Gallery dedicates that amount of time and manpower into PR.

So far, GALLERY U has received tremendous publicity and reviews, the works that are produced and selected are on par with the best galleries in New York, Berlin and Santa Fe.

Artist Information:

If you are an artist and would like to exhibit your work at GALLERY U please read the following:

- the price split at the gallery is 50/50 with the artist and the gallery.
- all the pieces must be approved by the Gallery Director
- all pieces must be ready to hang and to be displayed when taken in. We do not do any framing.
- as an artist we expect you to help publicize the gallery's mission via word of mouth, social
   networking and other press.

To have your artwork considered for our monthly group exhibitions, please contact Robert Langdon at

Gallery U is also available to rent for solo exhibitions, fundraisers or private parties. Please contact Robert Langdon at for more information.

Westfield, NJ

Royal Oak, MI

Bethlehem, PA